What Is The Origin Of Green Drinks?

What Is The Origin Of Green Drinks

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Green drinks are popular nowadays but if you were to ask someone for a definition, they’d have a difficult time offering one. The popularity of green drinks is mostly due to celebrity endorsements and fitness gurus that promote various combinations on their social profiles like Instagram and YouTube, but they are not just a momentary hype.

Because they come jammed with delicious phytonutrients (minerals, antioxidants, vitamins) and they are easy to consume, green drinks are here to stay. After all, if it’s well-made, a drink is a convenient alternative and provides you with an energy boost that can last throughout the day. Not to mention it is healthier than most energy drinks out there.

An interesting development is that green drinks are not just about juicing fruits and vegetables together; Nowadays there’s a faster way to get the boost you need, and that’s through powders.

But how did we get here? What was the moment that ignited the spark of genius that brought us an entire industry of green powders and drinks?

The Beginnings

While it’s difficult to be certain of the exact year when green drinks started their ascension to fame, we know the trend began somewhere in the early 2000s. Back then, the powders were not too popular because of the foul taste and smelly content so the only ones who would consume them on a regular basis were athletes and people dedicated to leading an extremely healthy life.

Still, with the superfoods hype, the powder industry gained momentum. This led to a development in the processing technique and resulted in the powders we have in today’s market. True, not all are the best tasting, but you can easily include them in your smoothie.

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What Exactly Are Superfoods?

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Many green drinks are connected to the idea of superfoods; but the concept can be misleading. The name is attributed to a wide range of products, and it basically defines fruits and vegetables that are considered exotic.

As the market opened up, we classified acai berries as superfoods, then we moved onto kale, salmon, blueberries and many others. These are indeed healthy foods, and they provide a wide range of beneficial nutrients, but the industry transformed them into some sort of magical ingredients that will cure diseases and make you immortal.

This is nothing more but a marketing stunt, but it doesn’t mean superfoods are not useful. They are just regular foods we should be consuming anyway as opposed to fast-food and pastries.

How It Works

The process of creating the powder used for a greens drink is rather simple and consists of three key steps:

  • Selecting the best natural ingredients
  • Refining the combination to create the perfect mix
  • Processing the ingredients into a powder

The secret stands in the ingredients, which you learn a lot about from the label. As you read, you’ll recognize several so-called superfoods, but you may also identify unknown fruits and vegetables. These can be a variety of seaweeds or unusual plants that are good for health but are not exactly palatable in raw format.

The idea behind such a drink is that you have the chance to enjoy a diverse series of nutrients and vitamins without actually having to deal with the plant that contains them.

For instance, let’s say you don’t like kale. However, studies showed kale has a positive effect on our body (for example it contains carotenoids which prevent collagen degradation amongst other benefits) and you should include it in your diet. Now, due to the fact that you can find it in powder format, you no longer have to force yourself to eat it. This way, you reap the benefits and you don’t destroy your favorite meal of the day.

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Ultimately, the green drinks phenomenon started from a need to consume leafy greens in a format that’s more palatable for everyone. The idea started with superfoods and it slowly evolved into an ever-growing trend that supports an entire industry. And you can expect it to grow further.

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