Karnataka Famous Food: All You Need To Know About Local Cuisine

Karnataka Famous Food

Karnataka is popular for its variety of cuisines. This is a diverse region. If you want to learn about a particular Karnataka famous food, it will be tough. Karnataka consists of North Karnataka, South Karnataka, Udupi, Kodagu, and Mangalore. 

Each region in Karnataka has its own specialty. Whether you’re looking forward to consuming fish, meat, or pure vegetarian food, you can enjoy it all in Karnataka. Therefore, you can check out the food of Karnataka Wikipedia to learn more about foods. 

The traditional Karnataka meal consists of palya, Huli, saaru, payasa, puri, pickles, kootu, kosambari, etc. In Karnataka, people serve food on banana leaves. 

What is the famous Karnataka food? 

The Kannada food item contains sweet, salty, and spicy dishes. The cuisine of Karnataka gets its roots in the food of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra. If you want to enjoy one of the oldest cuisines in the country, you should consider trying famous Karnataka food. 

Karnataka’s famous food and cuisine date back to the Iron Age. The mix of ingredients and flavors plays an important role in enhancing the taste of food. Furthermore, dishes in Karnataka are pretty region-specific. 

The famous Karnataka food to try are the following:

Bisi Bele Bhath

If you have had Khichdi, you may feel Bisi Bele Bhath is the same. It is prepared using spices, vegetables, rice, and lentils. The combination of these will leave you licking your fingers. 

Karnataka Famous Food
Source: Wikipedia

If you want the flavor of all ingredients in one dish, you should consider trying Bisi Bele Bhath. This Kannada cuisine is served with ghee and potato chips. Well, if you want a crunchy flavor, you can definitely try these out with boondi.

What’s the fun of eating Bisi Bele Bhath if it ain’t hot, right? 

Mysore Pak

This Kannada food item is extremely sweet. So, if you’re someone who craves sweets too much, Mysore Pak may be your go-to sweet. 

Mysore Pak gets its name from the place where it was prepared. It is made using sugar, ghee, and chickpea flour. For the first time ever, Mysore Pak was prepared in Mysore Palace’s kitchen. After preparation, many chefs consider adding an extra helping of ghee. 

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The ghee in Mysore Pak helps to bind the dish. It is from the ghee that the sweet gets its porous and hard texture. However, Mysore Pak is also available in a soft and dense flavor. 

Tatte Idli

One of the most famous Karnataka food is Tatte Idli. Idli is one of the most popular South Indian dishes. Therefore, Idli are like rice cakes that have a very light flavour. Nonetheless, it can help you in your weight-loss program

Karnataka Famous Food
Source: trip Advisor

Sambar and chutney are the major side dishes of Tatte idli. Tatte Idli is flat and has a plate-like structure. Thatte in Kannada stands for the plate. Some of the other variations of idli to try in Karnataka include Muday idli and Rava idli. 

Jolada Rotti

If you want to try delicious North Karnataka food, you should consider trying the Jolada Rott. Wheat is the major and sole ingredient of roti. However, in Jolada rotti, jowar flour is the main element. 

You can prepare jowar roti on iron skrillet. This is one popular North Karnataka food. You can either consume Jolada rotti with enne gai or chutney. Furthermore, you can also consume it with achar. Some other famous rotis to try in terms of Karnataka famous food include ragi roti and akki roti. 


If you want to try a Karnataka sweet, you should try Chiroti. The layers of maida are arranged in the form of a pastry. Therefore, deep-frying in hot oil gives it a crunchi flavour

Karnataka Famous Food
Source: Dishes Guru

Sprinkling cardamom sugar all over Chiroti can play an important role in enhancing the flavor. These flaky sweets are basically pastry. Flaky peni is also a type of Chiroti, but it looks like crispy vermicelli. So, if you are a fan of seviyan, you will love enjoying Chiroti. 

Mandige is also a crepe-like sweet. Sugar and ghee are the main ingredients of Chiroti. 

Dharwad Peda

Peda is one of the most popular delicacies around the country. Every state and city has its variety of peda, and Dharwad Peda is a famous Karnataka food. A thick layer of milk helps in preparing Dharwad Peda. Therefore an extra touch of condensed milk is given to enhance the overall flavor. 

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Dharwad is the place of origin for Dharwad Peda. Therefore it is quite clear that the food got its name from the place of origin. Although there are several Karnataka sweets to try, Dharwad Peda will become your favorite. 

Kori Gassi

Enough of sweets; if you’re a fan of spicy foods, you should give Kori Gassi a try. Therefore, Karnataka coastal area has different variety of Kori Gassi. . 

Source: cookpad

This chicken curry is popular in Mangalore. Kori Gassi is a famous chicken curry whose main elements are tamarind and spices. Ground fresh coconut is spread all over kori Gassi. Thus, you can have roti or neer dosa. 


If you’re looking forward to a dish with dosa or puri, you should consider choosing saagu. Saagu is a delicious creamy vegetable curry. Spices, poppy seeds, and coconut are the major ingredients of saagu. Thus, it is very nutritious

You can consume saagu with poori, chapati, and dosa. However, it is one of the most popular Karnataka foods that you can try. Furthermore, it is a vegetarian dish that you can try. 

Ragi Mudde

If you want to enjoy a rural dish from Karnataka, ragi mudde is the best thing to try. You can find ragi mudde in different cities. The main ingredients of ragi mudde include water and ragi flour. 

Source: indian Healthy recipes

The dough is made into balls. You can eventually consume ragi mudde with different types of curries. One of the essential things to notice about ragi mudde is that it is rich in nutrients. After consuming ragi mudde you will feel full and won’t feel like having anything. 

Final Thoughts

You can try different famous foods from Karnataka. Famous Karnataka food may be difficult to choose. The popular cuisines in Karnataka include North Karnataka, Navayath, Mangalorean, Udupi, South Karnataka, and Kodagu. Coconut oil and ghee are, however, some of the major ingredients in Karnataka famous food. 

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